Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

+44 (0) 7957 186961.

Films and video pieces.
Projection in live performance.
_The Assembly.
_London Orbital.
_A Time And A Place.
TV programmes.
Promos and titles.
Research and development.
Pictures and travel.

The Assembly. July - August 2007.
Premiered at the Cornerhouse Gallery as part of the inaugural Manchester International Festival 2007. Also November 2007 at the Lilian Baylis Kahn Theatre, Sadler's Wells.

London Orbital. 2006.
Group show at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, comprising a network of leading practitioners whose own professional orbits bring them to Kingston University from cities as near and far as London, Manchester, New York and Tokyo.

A Time And A Place. 2004.
Solo retrospective exhibition of films at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, incorporating site-specific performance / video piece based on a journey in suburbia, and limited-edition publication / DVD ‘Ten Wasted Years’.