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Artist and Filmmaker.

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Films and video pieces.

The Assembly. 2007.
The Manchester Girls Choir was founded in 1961 with a unique no-audition policy, inviting girls from all backgrounds, regardless of academic or musical ability. Yet they also became renowned for their beautiful sound and prize-winning ability.
Urban Bodies. 2006.
Week long dance film workshop in Nicosia, Cyprus, reflecting on responses to the urban environment. Resulting in eight short films and live performance at Echo Arts Living Arts Centre in Nicosia.
Ten Wasted Years. 2005.
A limited edition book and 10 minute film, made from forgotten, intimate and unconsidered footage taken from the last ten years. Made in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition 'A Time And A Place' at Stanley Picker Gallery.
Gold. 2004.
Two young gymnasts dance to drum and bass in their local gym. A magical and adrenaline-fuelled world, evoking the promise of freedom and the power of adrenaline of the early teenage years.
Freefall. 2006.
Improvisation film devised by Barnaby Stone with performers Graeme Miller, Ansuman Biswas, Cathy Duggan and Sinead Rushe.
We Got Old. 2003.
A poetic film shot in London and Hong Kong. Exploring a sense of nostalgia in the urban landscape, reconciling with memories - an acceptance of the passing of time. Experimental film collaboration with choreographer-dancer Annie Lok.

Truce. 2002.
Collaboration with performance artist Emmanuelle Waeckerle. A singing contest starting in language and finishing in pure abstract tones in one continuous take. There is no easy outcome as questions of gender and inter-disciplinarity come into play.
Three Film Sketches. 2001.
Short films with choreographers Jan de Schynkel, Robert Hylton and Darren Johnston. Commissioned by The Place.
So We Went Dancing. 1999.
Memories of being 70-something from the perspective of a 91 year-old woman. The spirit of her life evoked via cartwheels in the sand. Documentary sound recording of my gran, with collected holiday video footage of myself.
Hong Kong To Hull. 1999.
Camcorder footage from my overland journey documenting fleeting connections and solitary reflections, is reworked into a pre-determined pattern. The left hand side shows the journey from east to west, the right hand side the reverse.
Gardens Of York. 1997.
Eccentric documentary and performance exploring something of the world according to poet and musician Christopher Twigg.
The Dividing Line. 1997.
Animated backdrop video for Genesis world tour with screenings at Earls Court Arena & other stadium venues worldwide.
Work. 1996.
A Northern girl hoping to find work in London feels depressed and alienated. She moves around the city in search of some reference points for herself. Her mood could change through interaction with a stranger.
Love Letter. 1996.
A short film-poem. A girl embarks on a journey, leaving for pastures new.....
Room To Dream. 1991.
From the comfort of her home and with radio as companion, a woman's voice contemplates her sense of self and impressions formed of those around her. Animation in the room works as metaphor to states-of-mind describing flights of fancy, fear of the unknown and conflicting desires for freedom and security.
Interior Lives. 1990.
Myself, the family home, viewed through the tentatively moving lens. A sense of static, a sense of promise.