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Gardens Of York.
1997, 15 mins, Hi8/Super8.

Eccentric documentary and performance exploring something of the world according to poet and musician Christopher Twigg.

The initial collaboration which led to the Channel 4 'Litpop' films the following year.

The film takes us on an ironic expedition to track down the 'Gardens of York' - in search of a sense of the peaceful and sublime - and to collect images for a song of that name - in the unlikely setting of the roads, canals and allotments of north-west London.

Thoughts and conversations between Christopher and the crew are gathered, pointing out paths of ancestors, looking again at what is around us - 'make the situation your guru' - the romantic spirit in the modern urban environment, surrounded as we are by the noise and mechanics of the city.

This self-funded film is seeking completion funding and facilities to take it to broadcast/screening standard.