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Hong Kong To Hull.
1999. 16 mins. BetaSP.

Camcorder footage from my overland journey documenting fleeting connections and solitary reflections, is reworked into a pre-determined pattern.

The left hand side shows the journey from east to west, the right hand side the reverse. Half way through the journeys meet and the screens become one, then the right-hand side leads us forward again. Sound always carries the 'forward' side, images are flipped to create visual synchronicity. Yet still accidental comparisons and conflicts are formed. A linear and circular journey addressing the desire to create order from chaos, to understand and control events around us.

Made with the help of the Margaret Bryan Travel Award, the process of video-recording and the subsequent image manipulation was not only a way of plotting the incredible journey, but also became a process of explaining my own experience to myself.

Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, March-April 1999.
Brighton Media Centre, Jan 2001.

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