Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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Films and video pieces.
_The Assembly.
_Urban Bodies.
_Ten Wasted Years.
_We Got Old.
_Three Film Sketches.
_So We Went Dancing.
_Hong Kong To Hull.
_Gardens Of York.
_The Dividing Line.
_Love Letter.
_Room To Dream.
_Interior Lives.
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So Went We Dancing.
1999, 3 mins, BetaSP.

Memories of being 70-something from the perspective of a 91 year-old woman. The spirit of her life evoked via cartwheels in the sand.

Documentary sound recording of my gran, with collected holiday video footage of myself.

Made for VOXPOP PUELLA - a musical video-performance event by singer-songwriter Helen McCookerybook, at the Museum of Emotions, South Bank, London, April 2000.

Commissioned by Westminster University.
Distributed by Cinenova.

Handbags and Hardware, Lux Cinema, Hoxton, Feb 2000.
DNET, Oct 2000.
Dance Film Forum, Chisenhale Dance Space, 13 Jan 2001.
Mollosk, Pandaemonium, 2001.
Bigger Picture, Collective Rhythm.
Exchange Square, Manchester. June 2006.