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The Assembly.
2007. 20 mins.

'when we sang it sounded like angels..'

The Manchester Girls Choir was founded in 1961 with a unique no-audition policy, inviting girls from all backgrounds, regardless of academic or musical ability. Yet they also became renowned for their beautiful sound and prize-winning ability. The much loved choir and its inclusive policy is stronger than ever today and they continue to win prizes and perform around the world.

Rachel sang with the choir in her teens during the early 1980's. Mrs Audrey Jones the conductress took and influential place in her formative years, as did the shared experiences of travelling and competing.

'There is no place for divas in a choir... to be good, you have to all work together, and enjoy yourself too' (Davies)

25 years on Rachel has revisited her Manchester memory, bringing together some of the original choir for the making of the piece. Individual parts assembled to form a cohesive whole. Blending social realism, adolescent fantasy, performance and pop, The Assembly is a celebration of community, rooted in a time when society was said to be turning its back on shared and collective experience.

Funded by ACE, the film contains some of the material from the installation, together with a documentary / archive element contextualising the choir for a film festival audience.

It is currently in completion and will be distributed to film festivals from May 08.

Co- Commissioned by Manchester International Festival and Sadler's Wells.
Cornerhouse Gallery 3 Manchester - 30 June to 26 August 2007
Kahn lecture Theatre Sadler's Wells - 1 to 3 November 2007

Collaboration with Kevin Malone (music and sound), Julia Griffin (choreography) and Daniel Saul (editing).

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