Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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We Got Old.
2003. 10 mins. Super 16mm.

A poetic film shot in London and Hong Kong. Exploring a sense of nostalgia in the urban landscape, reconciling with memories - an acceptance of the passing of time.

Experimental film collaboration with choreographer-dancer Annie Lok.

Commissioned by The Place
Distributed by Lux Distribution

Shot by Natasha Braier
Sound by Mat Davidson
Edited by Daniel Saul
Produced by Jules Hussey

Selected screenings.
Dance on Screen The Place Nov 02.
Monaco Dance Forum Dec 02.
New York Dance Film Festival Jan 03.
Rio Dance Film Festival 03.
Lux Open 03.
Cambridge Film Festival 03.
Brighton Festival 03.
‘Rencontres Internationales’- London, Paris and Germany.
Warsaw Contemporary Art Centre, Poland ‘Urban Outlooks’ 03.