Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

+44 (0) 7957 186961.

Films and video pieces.
_The Assembly.
_Urban Bodies.
_Ten Wasted Years.
_We Got Old.
_Three Film Sketches.
_So We Went Dancing.
_Hong Kong To Hull.
_Gardens Of York.
_The Dividing Line.
_Love Letter.
_Room To Dream.
_Interior Lives.
Projection in live performance.
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Pictures and travel.
1996, 7 mins, 16mm.

Short film. A Northern girl hoping to find work in London feels depressed and alienated. She moves around the city in search of some reference points for herself. Her mood could change through interaction with a stranger.

My graduation film from the Royal College of Art. I chose to dramatise a personal story, combining animation with live-action film to create insights into everyday reality by making parallels with surreal or subjective experience.

St Johns Newfoundland Film and Video Festival, 1995.
Riga International Avantgarde Film Festival, Latvia, 1995.
Feminale, Cologne, 1996.
Kinofilm: Manchester International Short Film Festival, 1996.
Edinburgh Fringe Film and Video Festival, 1996.
Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey, 1997.