Rachel Davies.
Artist and Filmmaker.

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Projection in live performance.

The Light Garden. 2010/11.
Installation that welcomes visitors into an enchanting indoor camping scene.
Balancing Acts. 2009.
Research project at The Place Choreodrome 2009, resulting in 25 minute video. Sessions with dance artists and their young children - including Eddie Nixon, Henrietta Hale, Yael Flexer who were asked to reflect on their new challenges balancing parenting and artistic life, and to spend a day dancing with their children.
How To Catch A Star. 2009.
Animation video projection for play without words directed by Jonathan Lloyd based on the book by Oliver Jeffers for children aged 6 months to 5 years at Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.
Dear Body. 2008.
Video projection for acclaimed dance theatre production about body image obsession for Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance.
Lap Of The Dogs. 2006.
A short piece on the anxiety of the performer with Ersatz Dance. A naked performer dances precariously above a sheer slope, onto which looped images of lurking and packing wolves are projected.
Study. 2005.
A short study for a new work, based around ideas of fear. Collaboration with choreographer Robert Cohan, Founding Artistic Director of The Place. Dancer Darshan Singh Buller.

Art Of Travel. 2005.
An exploration of journeys both real and imagined in collaboration with Kadam. Inspired by Alain de Botton's best-seller, film backdrop for 40 minute dance theatre performance.
All The People I Have Met. 2003.
Two videos projected as part of innovative theatre production with A2 Company, based around two Hoxton community members, 12 year-old Zhara and 80 year-old Peter.
Do You Want This Once Again. 2003.
A2 explore the concept of time and waste as were increasingly revere what is best, new and young. Employing the help of senior citizen Jean, they create a series of emotional and thought provoking sequences, through which our feelings and fears at being part of modern society come under the microscope.
24 Acts Of Arson. 2002.
Erzatz Dance. Performed by James Hewison and Amalia Garcia, directed by Helen Bailey, 24 Acts of Arson integrates video animation with dance and text. ‘Attempting to postpone endings and explore becoming (themselves)’.
Dithering Heights. 2002.
h2dance. Collaboration with Hanna Gillgren and Fiona Edwards (Physical Recall, Bedlam) and music from New Breed of Alternative Workers. Combining animation with real life footage and a highly charged physical movement, Dithering Heights takes the audience on a journey to the real, unreal and surreal.
Trips. 1999.
A collaboration with playwright Sarah Woods. Six friends on a drug-fuelled night out, searching for love and excitement, encounter more than they ever thought possible. 20 drama and animation scenes integrate with stage action on 4 video screens and ten monitors in an ambitious promenade theatre piece.